Monday, 24 September 2012

The Death Penalty Rocks!

Cleve Foster AKA Sarge is on death row and is innocent. The 48 year-old former Army recruiter is charged with the the abduction and murder of a 30-year-old Sudanese woman Nyaneur Pal, a decade ago. Foster is to be executed Tuesday ...... tomorrow.

He isn't really innocent but he likes all the do gooders to run around and set up websites against the death penalty.

Foster and his friend Ward picked up a woman at a bar, they went off in their separate vehicles, and that is the last anyone sees her alive.
Ward runs off to a friend saying he needs a place to hide because he killed someone and Foster is found in the motel room they were using.

The gun with Pal's blood on it was found in the room but she was probably killed in the woods she was found in. 
Foster and Ward's story changed and changed but DNA links Foster to the case. His semen was found in Pal's vagina and Ward's semen was found in her rectum.

I don't care at least I came.
Foster has had a couple of appeals against his execution and that is where the the high cost of executions comes from. Killers wasting legal resources and the cost of keeping them in prison. 

There are many sites dedicated to the innocent people on death row but do they mention the other things that these people have done? Foster admitted another 3 way and murder with Ward from 2001 that doesn't get much press time. 

If Foster is just some guy that hangs about with a killer having threesomes then go ahead and execute him why not? He knows more than hes admitting to, if he didn't pull the trigger hes still an accomplice. 

I don't want to hear stories about how these cunts are innocent nor do I want to hear about their human rights being violated, I just want them dead and the many like them as they are a plague on society. 
Its called moving on not dragging it out. Fuck rehabilitation the criminals laugh at it and doing the time isn't that bad for them.
The US locks criminals up and sometimes execute then, the UK tells them off and releases them .  

Lets execute murderers, rapists and pedos etc, all the others can be put to work or have chemicals tested on them instead of the bunnies.

Saves resources and you have a labour force. I bet if the criminals think they are going to be put to work doing crappy menial labour for less than sweat shop wages they'll think twice about robbing yer granny.   

No appeals tying up the system, a trial and a sentence.   If you support pedos and killers then maybe they should have the chance of a sponsor to pay for their keep and legal fees. If no one cums forward putting their money where their mouths are then execute them.  

For $20 a day you can change the lives of people who would rape you and yer children and then kill them, those starving Africans get everything what about the poor fat death row prisoners?

Reading his story there was a bit about the last meal. It seems they no longer get one because a state lawmaker complained that condemned inmates were taking advantage of the opportunity and that murder victims never get that chance.

That is more like it, someone more concerned about the victims than the criminal. We need more of that.