Monday, 17 September 2012

Tattered Pride

Call this culture and identity? Old Knudsen identifies you as a shameful cunt! Who are you working for, the IRA the Tallyban?

I see disrespect to the Queen when I see this flag left up in tatters, take it doon rather than disrepect her more.
Yer also disrespecting all those who have served her and taken the oath, I bet you never took any oath ya fucking civvie.

No matter what idiot argument you made to put the flags up, you now disgust what ever ideal you say you had and show yerself up as a slack jawed cunt. UVF, UDA ? what ever terrorist gang you and yer fat beer belly belongs to you have been judged to be a stupid pseudo hard man twat. What have you ever done with yer life besides caused trouble ya petty criminal?