Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Ron

Here is something to consider on a Sunday in-between carving the roast and watching 'Songs of Praise' on the telly.
Porn star Ron Jeremy does not think about the street he lived on or his first pet's name in order to figure out his 'porn name' he simply uses Old Knudsen as his handle.

 Yes he does use Soren but pronounces it Sore-end .... ach that man is so funny but

seriously big cock or no can ya think about him pumping away at you without throwing up in yer mouth?
Yes my male reader can answer that too.

He does appeal to all ages that is for sure and is certainly not in that 'as they get older they get more creepy' category.

Old Knudsen likes the evolution of actors from sons to leading men to support roles and then fathers or weeman as babes and then straight to mother and older bossy boots.

He can always go into politics on the GOP ticket if his werk dries up. They aren't too fussy about their candidates.