Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sloppy Fate

People die all the time. Sometimes its shite luck nothing more and other times it how its meant to be but now and again you get a stupid death that seems so sloppy you just know that the agents of the universe have to have pulled it out of their arses to avoid further fuck ups.

Amanda Telfer died when a half tonne window frame fell on her as she walked past a building that was being converted into an art gallery.
The frame was propped up against a wall and she was only yards from the law firm where she worked.

Why does Old Knudsen suspect Angel conspiracy rather than pure coincidence ...... well Old Knudsen is fucked in the head but not fucked in the head enough to believe in coincidence.

A talented lawyer who specialised in libel, defamation and privacy law. She also volunteered as an investigator for the charity Reprieve, which supports death row prisoners and inmates at Guantanamo Bay.
This gurl was either going places or was to effect someone else who was going places  ..... You know when you look up at the stars and think how insignificant you are?

Well sometimes you are quite insignificant. Just an inbred yahoo with a young soul .... just filler.

Other times you have a purpose and you may never even find out what it is. Not everyone is born to be Alexander the Great, some of us have to give birth to the woman that was the mother of a guy who trained for years to make arrows that some bloke will shoot at Alexander causing him to lose a charge and shaking his confidence forever......... it goes further back and is a lot more complex but you get the idea.   

Old Knudsen has a hunch about this one and is not very impressed at how it was dealt with..... go get yer manager or arch-angel I have a complaint to lodge.