Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sexy, Creepy, Freaky

The cuntry that gave you suicide fighter pilots now gives you it's latest sex symbol. As interesting as Kim Kardashian and just as sexy meet Anna Amemiya the half-human half-anime model.

"Nice beaver" ..... "Thanks I just had it stuffed."

I really don't get the appeal of anime as I likes me art to not look shite. I do understand the appeal of weemen.
Many Japs can no longer tell the difference between reality and anime, to them if you can dress up as something or jerk off to something then its real ......... that covers a lot of weird ass shit.

It is a little disturbing to think about Japs knocking one out while looking at a ginger Jap child with a gun. So many levels of wrong. They were fucking mental before the 2 nukes courtesy of America and it seems they've mutated from the radiation into something thats super weird and super creepy at the same time.

Put beside two normal looking hot chicks the fucking weirdness of it really stands out.