Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Save Our Bacon

A global shortage of bacon is expected for next year. This is due to drought conditions across the US rising the prices of soy and corn through the barn roof.

Fuck whatever else is going on in the world this shit is serious. Mitt Romney has moved to the bacon platform saying that he will end the right to abortion, will make it illegal to be ghey and everyone has to convert to the Mormon church .......... now whos with me?

If you'll save our bacon I'm with you Mitt. So far Romney is 10 points ahead of Obama in the polls because of this.
If he gives us even the least bit of hope I'll take it.

Look at him, I bet he even tastes like bacon.

Now who are the people who will benefit from this? ....... Muslims thats who, is this an Al Qaeda plot to destroy us ?  well its fucking diabolical! ......... well played you evil evil nasty wee fuckers!

Romney has already made Obama-Muslim-pork link ........hmmmm pork links. 

Jews don't eat pork either but they know what side their bread is buttered ......... if  'those' people eat bread and butter that is.

This is serious people, could this have been what the Mayans predicted? Old Knudsen is now a believer in this shit. I can't live in a bacon-less world, where is the joy in that?

I'm off to buy a pig.