Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Romney Hates The 47%

 Mitt Romney the presidential hopeful :::::sniggers:::::: is doing what he does best, opening his mouth and saying something cuntish.

He said, during a fund raiser that Obama has his people (as in voters) and Romney has his, which is fair enough.
He then went onto say that Obama's 47% of solid voters expect the government to give them healthcare, food and housing and don't pay taxes so when Romney gives speeches about tax incentives they don't care or when Obama goes on about the rich paying more taxes they don't care, they'll vote for Obama no matter what cos hes paying their way.

Old Knudsen cuming from a socialist cuntry enjoys having the government safety net if he needs it. He does not expect the government to give him anything but if he needs a helping hand then sure why not ?  We put up with so much shit. Expensive wars and foreign aid we didn't agree to so why not get some pitiful help? Its not like they give you enough to enjoy life or live well on. What are you going to do just let the voters just die?

Lets take a poll.

You know what fuckers would like the government to pay for food or healthcare or housing? People who are poor, people who are sick and possibly older people whose pension wasn't there when they retired or can't do anything for themselves anymore.

Doesn't sound like Romney cares much about them. Old Knudsen has lived below the poverty line in America, doing the jobs that Americans were too lazy or proud to do themselves, until they had to due to lack of choice in the job market and now even the illegal immigrants have to fight them for work. 

Romney doesn't know these people, its like during the Paralympics in which the British had to face their view of disabled people as either superheroes or the work shy, he sees those 47% as lazy cunts that don't want to work rather than can't.

He probably sees weemen as either Madonnas or hoors ....... abortion loving bitches whom he'll outlaw if he becomes preez or breeders doing the lord's of increasing the population .   

Not the working under the table that Old Knudsen did.

The funny thing about Romney and Ryan is that when they are confronted in saying something cuntish they don't apologise for it they explain it and then kinda shrug hoping you'll move on.  Yeah I beat you baby but things like that happen.

Not people I'd like representing me, I prefer my cuntrie's leader to appear human. The politicians who grew up rich or middle classed like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and even the UK's David Cameron just want the people to do as they say as they won't be asking for their opinions any time soon.

You'd think that failure in the past would humble Romney but it hasn't. Hes just as elitist as ever.
Being a good leader isn't about being the absolute authority, while Obama isn't the best president ever he certainly isn't the worst.

He took over the country when it was in a shit state, a bad economy and losing at two expensive wars but if you look at the man and not listen to all the stupid shit the crazies spout you'll see a good leader and someone who will become better .... because unlike Romney and other privileged good ol boys, his shit does stink, just like yers.