Monday, 24 September 2012

Rice-A-Roni Are People!

Heres Romney zombie!

Romney's new plan to get rid of the no good 47%ers ....... eat them!   "Corporations are people, my friend" said Romney.  Soylent green are also people. That is what the 47% would be turned into if Romney was elected, thankfully even his own are losing faith in him, even his own wife called him a loser ..... I'm sure. 

Now what the fuck is happening to my blog? No not the doon turn in quality ya cheeky fuckers, ya think I've got nothing better to do with me time? 
Last week Old Knudsen played the search engines as usual and got over 2000 hits thanks to Kate Middleton's norks.
Now I know that some silly bugger linked to me from a games forum but come on a week later and I've over 3000 in a day. 3220 the last look and rising. If I'm no careful I'll be famous and no longer able to manipulate the world from behind the scenes.

Speaking of which, objects slowly streaking across our Northern Ireland sky, yeah um probably space junk says the not very believable expert.
Well what if its alien invasion? if those poor we aliens wander into one of our toons with their ray-ban guns they are going to get so fucked up. Ya know when the War of the worlds aliens caught our germs and died? well these wee creatures are doomed cos they are now in a cuntry full of people that cough in yer face. They will be hoping for death after a few showers of germ spit . 

Mommy they're filthy and disgusting why did we not land in London?