Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rape Axe .... For Men

The Rape-axe is prototype anti-rape device was first launched on 31st August 2005 in South Africa. Not so much as an anti-rape but more of a 'that'll teach ya you cunt.'

The device consists of a latex sheath containing razor sharp barbs on the inside. It is worn inside the vagina like a tampon.

During the sexual assault, as the penis enters the vagina and barbs attach themselves to the penis causing pain and discomfort ..... no shit! if someone just stuck barbs into yer penis you can just take pain and discomfort as a given.

After clamping onto yer cock it can only be removed surgically.  The rapist cannot pee or walk while the axe is still attached and trying to remove it himself will only result in the grip becoming tighter.  The hospital staff alerting authorities.

Suddenly this young vulnerable lass is looking less attractive.   

Without the mind visuals of barbs getting stuck into me penis this is a great idea and a lot safer than the weemen in South Africa putting razor blades in their hoo hoos. One woman is raped in South Africa every 17 seconds .......... not the same woman.

Its sad that things have to cum to this which to Old Knudsen's mind that means that every sexual assault is a failure of the law and legal system in general. Dr Sonnet Ehlers is having difficulty in getting a distributor for her rape axe as men tend to cross their legs as soon as they hear the details.