Monday, 3 September 2012

Paralympic Divas


While the UK is doing a bit of self examination into its attitude about disabled people being either heroes or work shy Old Knudsen has noticed something about the Paralympic games.

There seems to be a lot more snooty divas taking part.

The UK isn't very disabled friendly  on the whole, mainly because not enough lawsuits have been fought over issues, the buses are difficult enough for 'normal' people to climb aboard unlike the US buses that have ramps that fold out or even rising platforms. Many shops don't have ramps or automatic doors .... death of the high street shops? well maybe they should join the 21st century. London may be completely different as that city gets more than the usual UK town because thats where all the rich cunts live.

Yes Paralympians you've been through a lot but having a snit fit when you only get a silver or get disqualified for fucking up yer start doesn't mean you can get on like a child.

I swear there wasn't shit like this during the actual Olympics. 

Comedian Frankie Boyle has had to defend his comments about the Paralympics. On Twitter he said. "Austrian Paralympians seem a lot more able-bodied than most regular Scottish people"… fair enough but not very funny and "Apparently, the Saudi Arabian Paralympic team is mainly thieves"… because of the lack of hands . Again not very funny.

Never mind if he is insulting disabled people which is the big kick up his remarks just aren't that funny. Old Knudsen's remarks are more funny but were still stretch the boundaries of taste.

To sum up, Paralympians need to grow up ........ no I don't mean the power lifting midgets or the legless folk as that would be cruel::::: sniggers::::  and if yer gonna make comments slagging off anyone then please try to make them amusing or you'll end up a lonely blogger like Old Knudsen.