Sunday, 23 September 2012

Naked Women, It Must Be Sunday

"For fuck sake!" says the concerning blog reader who cums to Old Bitter balls for last weeks facts and what their opinion should be on it. "Yet another post full of hot naked weemen, I'm sick of it I tells you."

Old Knudsen does everything for a reason. The reason is usually out of boredom.

Besides liking big butts which he cannot deny.

Its Sunday which is a sacred day for some Christians. Besides Muslims its been Christians that have been pissing Old Knudsen off recently.

The thousand odd cases of pedophilia from the Boy scouts of America and the 600 cases from Australia's Roman Catholic Church. Everyday he reads about some pastor getting arrested for sick shit against children. If Old Knudsen can talk Christians into liking weemen then the kids will be safe.... yer logic is sound Old Knudsen..... wobbly wobbly wobbly.

If what you believe on Fox news that every Muslim is a terrorist then I reckon that every man who works with children must be a pedo.

Start off slowly if you want, Gog made the chicks with dicks too, probably for a very good reason and not just for Old Knudsen.

And yes I did have to put that picture this far doon in the post.

Don't lie, it didn't really put you off fap fap fapping.

Next up ...... operation make Islam like America.

Old Knudsen would love to take America roughly from behind.