Sunday, 16 September 2012

Naked Ballymena

Typical Ballymena resident and community leader.

The Ballymena farm lovers calender has finally cum out.  Packed full of information of  where and when to find the best cows and sheep to shag.  The best heroin and who has the bargain buys. Tractors and where to see them. Also family entertainment along the lines of the most chilling religious sermon that will be an e-ticket ride of excitement and thrills ....... who'll be going to Hell next?

Wellies, you like them, everyone likes em.

I've love to cover these in mint sass and lick it off em.

I'm sure you all know # 155 shes famous around Ballymena.

Need some extra jizz? Drink up lads as you know drinking spunk beats depression and gives you vitality.
 A total wank fest.

Hey bey and puppies.

Saving the best for the climax of this post. Of course the eagle eyed of you may have noticed that these weemen are too attractive for Ballymena.
That is true, there are no Ballymena weemen that you would want to see naked.

Here is a prime example of Ballymena born and inbred, those lambs are actually a part of her body.