Saturday, 15 September 2012

Moffat Produces Dr Shite

Steven Moffat a successful TV writer and producer of shows like Dr Who and Sherlock quit Twittera few days back.
There was no warning he just deleted his account.

His wife put up an answer for those who thought it was the work of intergalactic criminals or the deadly wheelie bins known as the Daleks.

Cybermen often delete accounts.

Moffat isn't the first celeb to leave Twitter. Stephen Fry who to the average layman sounds vastly intelligent and witty but in fact only 'played' Oscar Wilde and is 'not' Oscar Wilde left Twitter and then came back, repeat and rinse.

Fry who hosts quite boring and pretentious TV shows based on general knowledge and odd trivia does have a very intelligent script at times.
Once he was talking about World War II and said something like, "Of course unlike the US we did not have a segregated military" sitting there all superior like as if the UK is so enlightened you racist American cunts!
Fry neglected to mention that the UK had fuck all black people in the 1940's nor did he mention the bullying coloured soldiers used to get by their fellow soldiers and officers, 'you can't have a black fella in a guards regiment, it won't look right when they are on parade.'

Fry can't take debate or criticism well, he only likes yes men and bent over men. He often leaves Twitter in a huff. Old Knudsen was having a debate on Facebook, Old Knudsen may have been arguing from the stance of being wrong but fuck me if I was going to admit it. Old Knudsen ..... always right, even when hes wrong.

Did ugly auld Moffat leave because he had too much going on? well he is quite busy but I suspect it to be more than that. Maybe he was getting shit from the fans.

The latest episodes of Dr Who have been so far, um ... lame, yes more than usual .

Has the time vortex decreased the timelord's IQ? it seems to have done so. Not to mention the whole soap opera that is his companion's lives.

Will Amy and Rory split up because she can't have children ?  

Not more fucking baby shite .........I want

Back when Dr Who was more of a children's show. Bouncing boobs and sticking out nipples.

Tits, violence and cunning plot twists with the Doctor always thinking one step ahead, also slightly believable science. If a space ship is in the Earth's atmosphere and its the size of Canada it won't be taking 30 minutes to hit earth and when you look outside you wouldn't be seeing dark space ... c'mon pay attention people.

Can Daleks just capture the Doctor and his crew just like that? it seems they can.

Dr Who doesn't just decide to get a gang nor does he keep people out of their own time for fun. All a very obvious plot device and quite tedious.'maybe you like a man with a bigger gun' smirk smirk wink wink oo'er missus as the innuendos fly thick and fast..... like my cock. 

Nor does he fix a bad guy's legs who is threatening his peeps and not have a backup plan. 'I fixed your legs to explode as soon as you fucked me over.' No, he just heals him.

Nor would the Doctor let the dinosaur who was modeled after the Jurassic park/Night at the museum just get killed right in front of him.

Like many of ego manics before him, Moffat has just decided to not listen to the fans and do as he pleases.
Sure like Anne Rice and George Lucas he'll make the money but those who stayed loyal all those years buying DVDs and merchandise will not be happy.

One of the few TV shows that Old Knudsen watches and they do this. Run from Twitter you pube headed Scottish twat but when you make shite TV you'll get called on it from other places.

Not content with ripping off Jurassic park, Night at the Museum and any other crappy sci-fi movie that has the bad guy get targeted by missiles at the end, tonight's episode looks like its been inspired by either the Star Trek Borg or Westworld.

We waited all that time for this?