Saturday, 29 September 2012

Kate The Great Topless

Remember the time when Kate meant either Beckinsale or Winslett? sure there was Moss and then Hudson but the former two were the main ones. Kate Bush didn't get much out and who would care if she did?

Who hasn't seen this Kate topless? The reader is a very fine movie .... to wank to.

This Kate just annoys me, no idea why shes just ..... annoying.

Kate Middleton needs to behave more Queen like. That could have been a sniper half a mile away. Her and the heir's security seem to be um ......... fucking amateurs.

Moss just revolts Old Knudsen.

Not sure if this lass is named Kate, her boobs aren't that big so maybe she is.

This post is dedicated to the thousands who have searched for, Kate topless, Kate nude, Kate naked and Kate Middleton topless.

Why are you doing this Old Knudsen? yer just interfering with perverts searching for the next Queen of England's (and the rest of the cuntry) norks.......... again. 
Maybe thats why I'm doing it, or maybe Old Knudsen bores easily.   

Its not a great pair of tits and is not a great or very important story so quit looking for royal jugs.