Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jimmy Savile Was A Pedo

Jimmy Savile died in 2011 aged 84. A famous face in the UK who started out as a DJ then moved onto TV presenting, he worked for the BBC for over 40 years.

A strange fella who remained a bachelor and lived with his mother appearing to the public as a recluse at times. If he wasn't famous he'd be the kind of guy yer mum would tell you to stay away from and don't take a sweetie from him, he just isn't right.

One of his TV shows was Jim'll Fix It in which people would write in and ask if he could make a dream of theirs cum true. Appearing in a Dr Who episode, driving a bus or meeting yer favourite actor, that kind of shite.

So that show and the fact that he ran marathons for charity raising at least £40 million over the years and donating thousands himself every year kind of endeared him to the public.

He got a knighthood from the Queen a knighthood from the Pope, honours from many other institutions, this weird looking creepy bloke had influence.

Old Knudsen never really cared for him much. No idea why but Old Knudsen is like a dog that doesn't like people for no reason then it turns out they are total cunts. Everyone has that gut reaction,  not trusting it is where people make the mistake. 

After his death five women have cum forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Savile at the height of his stardom. Two say he gave them sexually-transmitted diseases.

You might make excuses, well he can't defend himself , maybe they are after money. It turns out that his activities were an “open secret” among some staff at the BBC. 

Two BBC producers have also cum forward, one said that he thought Savile was abusing young girls but didn't speak out in case he'd lose his job. Savile did have that kind of influence.

He preyed on gurls who were sent to institutions by social services, that was back in the day when if a gurl was raped and suffered a mental break down because of it she'd be told to stop saying filthy things and snap out of it ......... and sent to places like Duncroft Approved School, a boarding school for ­maladjusted girls.

Savile was seen as a benefactor to these schools so the odd 14 or 15 year-old trouble making gurl was a fair price for them.

Isn't it sad that he had to die before anyone would cum forward? Savile had the connections the money and the halo of a charity worker.

Old Knudsen sees the same thing with Julian Assange and its not just the hair. A so-called champion of freedom, supported by thousands. He can do no wrong because he is standing up to the US of A and its bullying ways.

Its a bit more transparent with Assange. Like fans of Savile the followers of Assange will dismiss all accounts of sexual assault no matter how many cum forward. Its a conspiracy isn't it.

Assange aligns himself with Ecuador, Egypt, Argentina and Russia and yet still blackens the reputation of the US.

Don't think you know people just because you see them on TV. trust yer gut and their bad hair.