Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Inter Galactic War

People of Earth ....... er my fellow Americans.  If you knew your history you'd know that the Lord of Scientology,  Xenu from the The Galactic Confederacy had no compunctions committing genocide.

Scientologists  have no interest in peace and are committed to the destruction and elimination of Earth.
Their minions in Hollywood have started the smear job against me twisting my words and doing rude memes.

A vote for Romney means protection as given to you from the Mormon planet Kolob and a sharing of wisdom and technologies. Since wearing my special under garments I have been magically protected from jock itch and no bullets have penetrated my skin...... Not that any have been fired at me but still.

John Travolta and the Oliver Stone bot were busy assimilating a new breeding unit for Tom Cruise and did not have time to comment.

The relevant conspiracy theory has not been fed into the Stone bot yet.