Saturday, 8 September 2012

Image Is Everything

Romney surrounded by funkies. All with coloured shirts on and smart but casual troosers and rolled up sleeves..... To imply in yer minds that they are hard workers.

Romney with his common man hard working jeans on has the only white shirt which means hes in charge.

Again on casual Friday Romney is one step away from taking his tie off, having a tie and jacket is too formal and official unless you wear yer jacket and have an open necked shirt like Ryan .... don't forget yer patriotic pin.

Just working hard for the people, trying not to look elitist..... No I won't mention how my religion effects my policy making I'll just surprise you. 

Um I'm like totally working harder as my shirt is a shade darker.I am also totally lying right now because I know I'll be found out but its like collateral damage its worth it.

Yeah but I make this shit look good and actually look as if I've worked a day in my life. Also I have Michelle and Hilary on my team who do you have?