Saturday, 8 September 2012

I See You Looking

Old Knudsen is a people watcher. Not in a spot a vulnerable person and follow them home kind of way but a study and observe way.
You can tell a lot about a person by their appearance and how they react around others, the signals they don't know they are giving out that any keen observer can spot.

 As Old Knudsen has said before, "He likes to watch."

Talking to people in person, online or on the phone is a form of less distant people watching except you have to be faster and can actually push for the right response. Even the most guarded of people give a lot away even when they don't give anything away.

Its as much as what you don't say as what you do say.

Talk talk talk I wonder if you've ever had a deep thought in yer life. I envy yer ability to not notice shit. What is seen cannot be unseen ......... unless yer as shallow as a bird bath. Do you fill the moments with talk because fear the silence? Nervous at being in the presence of a Gog?    

Now I have a problem with my people watching.  In America it was fine, loads of interesting people just going about their business in their own wee worlds, just doing their thang.

Now being back on the harsh streets of Northern Ireland when you watch people, even from a distance they are 98% more likely to meet yer gaze. Not a random look but full on eye contact.  Its like a country in which being Jason Bourne is normal.

Like me my people are suspicious, self-conscious and uptight. We notice other people cos we are judging other people ........ like in high school but everyday life.

Like Dodos Americans have never been hunted, 9/11 still didn't wake many of them up. 

Old Knudsen being the more enlightened kind is looking at you to learn yer story not looking at you as a suspicious outsider that may be up to no good. Sure if someone was being attacked the nosy people of Norn Iron suddenly stop being able to notice things as they walk quickly by.

Unless yer this woman who tried to intervene when she saw a man beating another at a Belfast bus stop in the middle of the day. She was hit by the guy and had her nose bitten spoiling her mannish good looks but how many others looked the other way before she stepped in?

Do you notice others and by that I don't just mean the hot chick or the guy with the shoulders or are you just a walking victim? Listening to yer ear poddy or sitting out in public reading.

What would you do if you saw some guy smacking the crap out of another on a busy street? A lot of times Old Knudsen thinks, 'what if someone was doing that to me' yeah I'd like someone to help me out. The scariest part is making the decision to act.

Bad things happen when good men do nothing.