Monday, 10 September 2012

Holy Rant

Talkin to a friend of mine on Facebook about the existence of God . Not arguing, just merely trying to help this person with the rose tinted glasses see that if there is a God he/she/it isn't as invested in yer life as you think.

Old Knudsen does believe in the Christian Gog but only due to the power of the subconscious bringing their Gog to life. This Gog is merely a facet, it isn't an all powerful being in with a white beard but yer little minds can only see it as that..... thats how you meat sacks, you apes with souls are only capable of dealing with the idea of the divine.
The Christian Gog is bi-polar due to the Hell fire and brimstone lot out thinking the Gog of love lot. Its difficult to love in this day and age with so many cunts around.

So yes it does bug Old Knudsen when some say, Gog said this and Gog said that ....... did you hear him talking to you? Did he say "and behold Jim, you should fuck a young defenseless boy and show him Gog's love .... and yer spunk?
People say oh the Bible says it so it must be true, well I just read on the restroom wall that yer Ma was a good ride .... I've had a lot better so good would not be a word I'd use.

That is a terrible argument, saying that you should believe everything thats written down. If you have faith then thats enough you don't need pretend Fox news facts as they kind of weaken yer Gog as they define and dictate what yer Gog is about.

Thanks to the Bible many people have different 'interpretations' on Gog and they are often at odds because they have defined Gog.

How can you love yer neighbour when you are telling her she can't have an abortion or that Bob can't love his big ghey homosexual boyfriend? ...... Thats not Gog talking thats arsehole people.

'Privilaged white male talking to white neighbour woman' I love you in a platonic way but if you were raped by big scary black-men and got pregnant I would make sure that A) you weren't allowed to have an abortion and B) you'd be forced to give birth to it....... I may make you raise it I'll read the Bible to see if it says anything about that. 

Was that part of my post offensive and politically incorrect? my bad but I'm trying to make a point here.   

The 10 commandments sound more like a law for a society rather than a law for belief.  It doesn't matter that you are good or bad you'll end up the same anyway. Good and evil are a matter of perspective and considering what God has sat by and let happen .... no matter how you argue that hes teaching us life lessons its wrong to stand by when you can stop an injustice .... end of story!

Will pedo Jim be allowed to escape punishment because hes teaching his victims a life lesson? or will he escape punishment because hes a popular singer? ..... Gods and famous people seem to get away with stuff you and I don't.

Lets just cut through all the crap and start calling Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc mythology as it rightfully is .

The cool mythologies are the ones with Gods that kids want to dress up as.

Old Knudsen could go on but I'll save it for now.

Why does Old Knudsen say Gog? Well Gog not only means something else but 'God' is not a name. There are many Gods ......... for those Christians there is proof in the Bible about that. When people ask if Old Knudsen believes in God, he says yes, but he isn't telling you which one.  

The bloke at the top of the post is Pentecostal pastor Mark Wolford. He died when one of the snakes he was handling to demonstrate Gog's power bit him. Wolford had watched his 39 year old father die in the same way years ago.

Yeah fucking dumb thats for sure ......... Where is yer Gog holy man? Getting sick of the likes of you thats where.