Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Foggy War

I saw a lot of people during my 12 tours/day trips in Nam but one person Old Knudsen did not see.

Mitt Romney thats who.

Four College deferments and two religious deferments to avoid the draft. He was in France trying to convert mostly Catholics but he did give lip service in support of the war that claimed more than 58,000 American lives ..... well done.

By the time the deferments had run out the government was winding doon drafting troops and since his number was pretty high '300' he was safe enough.  As safe as Bill Clinton and G W Bush were.

Remember the shit that the Republicans put John Kerry through over his war record? This was a man who actually served in combat, he didn't use family influence to avoid service he joined up in 1966 and served for four months in South Vietnam where he was awarded several combat medals.

You can say that Obama didn't serve either, that is true, he also didn't dodge the draft.

Old Knudsen does not like war, he also does not like those who dodge going to war while others do. If you send troops into battle it would be good if you lost some sleep over it. I do not think that these 2 pencil pushing sales lizards would lose any sleep.