Sunday, 16 September 2012

End Of The Free Ride

I'm laughing at you not with you.

Scotland is closing the loophole that let students in Northern Ireland who hold both British and Irish passports to study at their universities for free starting next year.

This EU agreement to let anyone with an Irish passport free tuition was not liked by people such as DUP politician Gregory Campbell who surprise surprise is a supporter of the Caleb Foundation, the right wing Christian group who want to bring their own version of Sharia law to Northern Ireland. Similar to what Romney plans for the US.

Campbell wanted (unrealistically) all fees gone for all Northern Ireland students or everyone should pay .....  he said to the BBC "This would restore fairness in that those who wouldn't be comfortable being an Irish citizen can still avail of free places at Scottish universities."  

The DUP really don't like anyone else that isn't brainwashed to their side get on in the world hence the bigotry that still continues in Northern Ireland. Calling for everyone to get free tuition is their way of stopping the whole thing and still looking reasonable-ish ..... its called politics.    

"Those who do not accept being labelled as Irish should not be disadvantaged to the tune of up to £27,000 over a three-year period."

Old Knudsen thinks that should be left to the individual whether they mind being Irish for a few years or not as its not like they are losing being British.

Now many just won't be able to afford university but at least no whipper snapper Fenian lover is getting anything for free when a Prod has to pay but its ok as Campbell has already finished his college days.   

Other Unionist politicians from other parties have come doon in favour of the Irish passport fee waiver but thats because they are more confident in their British-ness.