Monday, 17 September 2012

Embiggen Yer Penis

Kasia Rivera advertised services on flyers and passing out her business card, no don't go on appearances she is not a hooker. She is a beauty technician who does silicone enhancements from her home.

Justin Street a 22 year-old security guard with a small dick wanted a bigger one. He already two kids so it worked well enough.

Usually its men who are most obsessed with their penis size of course you hear those cock craving slappers going on about how size matters but still they won't take it in the ass cos its too sore WTF?

So this Kasia woman, she makes Old Knudsen's dick shrink up just looking at that picture. Is that not Michael Jackson's sister Tonka la toyo ? Imagine someone who is not as blessed as Old Knudsen going to her for a penis enlargement, what would she stick the syringe into?

She has no medical training but who cares? you can find out how to do anything on Youtube these days. So this Justin fella went for an enlargement to embiggen his knob and died due to a silicone embolism.

A sad case, she may go to prison for 10 years. Don't go to puffy faced slappers, Old Knudsen can help you with any problem and he usually doesn't charge.

Heres how to give pleasure to a woman.  

Stop standing outside her hoose late at night, stop the phone calls and e-mails, leave her trash cans alone and give her back her cats for fuck sake everyone likes closure.