Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Did It Really Happen?

A surprise speaker at the Democratic National Committee gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina was George Clooney accompanied by Harvey, a 6 foot imaginary white insult rabbit.

When Clooney asked Harvey about the economy Harvey would have replied if he really existed, "I've got a stimulus package between my legs that I want to pump into the nation."

"Harvey what do you think about Romney and Ryan?" asked an extremely attractive Clooney with a rich speaking voice. "Who is the daddy and who is the mommy?" said the rabbit if it actually existed, "Those two tell as many lies as the bitches who cum after me for 243 counts of child support. Romney has worse Alzheimers than Clint Eastwood and Ryan has a beak that Pinocchio would be proud of."

"Do you think President Obama is doing a good job Harvey?" asked Clooney with a tilt of his head. "Not really but hes better than Bush and compared to Romney he seems very competent, shit Ryan makes Biden look like a brain surgeon."

After scattered awkward applause they left the stage and an empty chair came on to tell the audience what makes America great.

 Fuck yeah!