Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Confusing Lingo

The American tradition of cow tipping is when some drunken frat boys enter a field full of cows at night as the animals are standing there eating and by the use of stealth they push the cows over. Old Knudsen has never met anyone who has tipped a cow and doubts that you can sneak up on the beasts.  The myth is that the cows sleep standing up and so in the movies its quite easy to tip them for comedic value.

Recently a load of American students have cum to northern Ireland to study as American schools don't do their words too good. If you want to confuse a Yank just ask them if they want to go out at night and do some fly tipping.
Try sneaking up on a fly in order to push it over, we're like ninjas! 

Fly tipping is what Americans would call illegal dumping. Dumping yer trash by the side of the road.  Its almost like we speak English isn't it?