Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chav Life

Joseph Moran her 19 year-old son was drunk and high on cannabis when he dragged a 23 year-old law student into a park and subjected her to a 25-minute brutal (but legitimate) rape.

Without any show of remorse just like his mother. He was sentenced to serve a minimum of six-and-a-half years before he will be considered for release and only if he is no longer seen as a danger to society. The people who saw him on top of the passed out gurl and did nothing should also be sent to prison.

Hang em high and be done but no, thats inhumane. What about his human rights? ..... doesn't appear human to Old Knudsen, I think what it means to be human needs to be redefined. 

Speaking of not exactly human just look at his chavette of a mother. Unable to play the race card as this is the UK not the US and of course hes kinda guilty, described by the police as a  'vile predator' and by the judge a 'pathological liar' I think his mum is his only fan.

Her fat rings and photo sweatshirt, pity she didn't get people to wear hoodies. Her orange skin from either a fake tan or cigarette smoke...... people who don't put their fag doon to have their picture taken, WTF? 

There has been a backlash from chavs being portrayed as lazy, low class scum who watch Springer-esque day time TV while stuffing their faces with KFC.  Whats the problem, does the truth hurt that much? 

Low class is something to be ashamed of .... not to be confused with working class even if you don't have a job. 

Which reminds me, Old Knudsen has to pick his grand daughter up from the child minder today. I hope the wee fucker has some ciggies as I'm totally out.