Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Candle In The Wind

Firefighters in Franklin County Massachusetts have put out a small fire at the Yankee Candle factory. Karen Woods, Director of Public Relations for Yankee Candle said, "there was report of a blueberry scented smoldering and fire crews were then alerted, if you have a fire you might as well make it pleasantly scented."

Something oddly ironic struck Old Knudsen about this story, doesn't say much for the candles if the place doesn't go up in a blaze.
Ever pass one of these shops? They smell like an old woman prostitute's handbag.

When Old Knudsen is around scented candles in shops his OCD makes him first scratch them a little with his finger nail and then sniff the candle. Old Knudsen hates anything to do with coffee but the OCD masochistic in him always picks up the coffee scented ones for a smell. I'll be the one making faces like a wuss after drinking a shot.