Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blind Justice

David Blunkett a blind Labour MP was not allowed to sit in his allotted seat during the opening ceremony for the Paralympic games. He was told that his seat was unsuitable for his guide dog and was seated on what has been described as an ‘exposed, blustery gantry’ for the three-and-a-half hour show.
He spoke to the papers to make sure that others with guide dogs do not endure the same humiliation.

Oh poor wee man. Here is Old Knudsen's take over this silly non-story. Mr Blunkett is blind so any humiliation was for him to imagine as I'm sure no one else noticed the old blind dude in the darkened arena.
Also his normal seat may have been exposed and blustery too, sounds like hes picking faults and didn't appreciate having a ticket. 
Its not like he needed a good view or anything so ya could have put him in a porta potty and in theory he'd have a good time.     

I don't think Mr Blunkett really knows what humiliation is ..... ah first world problems.