Sunday, 2 September 2012

Are Disabled Athletes Lazy?

A surprising win for Ukraine at the 100 metres hurdles during the paralympic games. Considering what they have had to go through their lives the hurdles event is quite an ironic one.

China is still denying allegations of cutting off athletes legs so they can participate in these games.  
  Liu Xiang of China trying it on.

Ya throw a midget into a pool and they call you cruel but at the paralympics they call it sport. I demand my record to be cleared.

Jessica Long US swimmer ....... just saying.

Would the lack of lower legs put you off ?

What about a withered lucky fin? 

Ach away an fuck ya shallow cunt. To remind you as the Bible says, "any port in a storm" well I'm just assuming it says it somewhere going by what the men of Gog and their followers get up to.