Friday, 7 September 2012

Another Penis Post?

Do you think that blokes who think they are total tough guys feel self conscious when they eat bananas? Do their minds flash back to being prison ghey ?

Perfect BJ lips.... look me in the eyes when you suck it .... my eyes are up here. 

To be fair and politically correct it isn't only weemen who have the rights on sucking cock. Consenting adults should be able to do whatever. In a darkened room you'd have trouble knowing who was licking yer knob ..... trust Old Knudsen on this you may even be pleasantly surprised. If anything is to be learned from the Paralympics its that disabled people are bad losers and that people should be judged on ability, what they can do not what they can't .

Can you imagine a thick necked thug letting this picture get taken as he deep throats some potassium? 
Bananas and potatoes are the only vegetables that Old Knudsen eats, deep frying is the ultimate test for Gog's chosen food.

More about cock shaped food cuming up soon.

I know what yer thinking and no the first picture is not of Kevin from the Backstreet boys .... you just know those lads have no trouble licking the shaft and swallowing the gravy.