Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Shark's Tail

Hamish Currie went after a shark off the coast of Scotland that had been attacking seals in the area. The plan was to tag and release it .............. yeah right.

After they got the 7ft porbeagle shark onto the deck of the boat and before they were able to kill it ..... er I mean tag it the terrified shark clamped onto Hamish's boot. Luckily he was wearing steel toe caps, a fisherman's friend had to help Hamish get loose. The pissed off fish also put a hole into the boat.
Someone puts a big metal hook into yer mouth and drag you out of the water .... what do you expect?

“I had to lock myself in the wheelhouse until he was exhausted enough for us to get him back over the side" said the brave semen.

Hamish has had vast experience with sharks and is quite good on the old X-box but thats besides the point. This was his closest call yet and maybe he'll learn to respect these animals in the future.

As he took a long drag on his cigarette he stared off into the distance and said quietly.

"This one was a bad, bad fish."

Fucking wuss!