Sunday, 30 September 2012

International Blasphemy Rights Day

Jimmy Savile Was A Pedo

Jimmy Savile died in 2011 aged 84. A famous face in the UK who started out as a DJ then moved onto TV presenting, he worked for the BBC for over 40 years.

A strange fella who remained a bachelor and lived with his mother appearing to the public as a recluse at times. If he wasn't famous he'd be the kind of guy yer mum would tell you to stay away from and don't take a sweetie from him, he just isn't right.

One of his TV shows was Jim'll Fix It in which people would write in and ask if he could make a dream of theirs cum true. Appearing in a Dr Who episode, driving a bus or meeting yer favourite actor, that kind of shite.

So that show and the fact that he ran marathons for charity raising at least £40 million over the years and donating thousands himself every year kind of endeared him to the public.

He got a knighthood from the Queen a knighthood from the Pope, honours from many other institutions, this weird looking creepy bloke had influence.

Old Knudsen never really cared for him much. No idea why but Old Knudsen is like a dog that doesn't like people for no reason then it turns out they are total cunts. Everyone has that gut reaction,  not trusting it is where people make the mistake. 

After his death five women have cum forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Savile at the height of his stardom. Two say he gave them sexually-transmitted diseases.

You might make excuses, well he can't defend himself , maybe they are after money. It turns out that his activities were an “open secret” among some staff at the BBC. 

Two BBC producers have also cum forward, one said that he thought Savile was abusing young girls but didn't speak out in case he'd lose his job. Savile did have that kind of influence.

He preyed on gurls who were sent to institutions by social services, that was back in the day when if a gurl was raped and suffered a mental break down because of it she'd be told to stop saying filthy things and snap out of it ......... and sent to places like Duncroft Approved School, a boarding school for ­maladjusted girls.

Savile was seen as a benefactor to these schools so the odd 14 or 15 year-old trouble making gurl was a fair price for them.

Isn't it sad that he had to die before anyone would cum forward? Savile had the connections the money and the halo of a charity worker.

Old Knudsen sees the same thing with Julian Assange and its not just the hair. A so-called champion of freedom, supported by thousands. He can do no wrong because he is standing up to the US of A and its bullying ways.

Its a bit more transparent with Assange. Like fans of Savile the followers of Assange will dismiss all accounts of sexual assault no matter how many cum forward. Its a conspiracy isn't it.

Assange aligns himself with Ecuador, Egypt, Argentina and Russia and yet still blackens the reputation of the US.

Don't think you know people just because you see them on TV. trust yer gut and their bad hair.     

Big Black Sunday Sex

Got called a racist on Facebook today so I'm reacting in the only way I know ..... well besides telling the silly American to wise up.
Melyssa Ford with her lovely bouncy onion will show I love the black people ..... well not all of them obviously.
Old Knudsen even met a black person once and personally apologised for slavery and how whitey was keeping them doon. Mr Obama said thank you and moved away pretty speedily.

It doesn't matter that some folk don't understand me, I understand them well enough with their liberal white guilt. Go put on a hoodie for fucks sake. Racism in America is a very touchy subject and is mostly avoided by whitey thanks to Jesse Jackson and his race card playing. Sure there is plenty of white peckernecks who hate the coloureds of any flavour just as there are people of colour  who hate whites.
Also the blacks and browns are always mixing it up..... sounds like a racist thing to me. 
When some Hispanics steal a car and are chased by the police, then the stolen car crashes killing the thieves. Old Knudsen doesn't join in with blaming the police as he saw happen in the news. It was the car thieves' fault like duh, no matter their colour ......... some people are so fucking stupid.

Old Knudsen will get called a racist and many other things because he thinks for himself and can form an opinion. If you have enemies then good, that means you've taken a stand against something. Old Knudsen has taken a stand against cunty baws ...... of all colour.  Go be stupid somewhere else.

No Water On Mars

The Curiosity Rover thought it had found water on the surface of Mars. Upon further inspection it turned out to be redish dirt.

A NASA spokesperson said, "I don't know what the fuck we were thinking, Ted thought he saw a face on Mars the other day we're just sick of seeing nothing."

Looking at the picture Old Knudsen knows what water looks like and what dirt looks like and guess what, its dirt.

Sunday Sinful Flesh

Old Knudsen knows that today you probably have a hangover after drinking alone last nite to blot out yer miserable existence or are feeling a little sacred since its Sunday which a few consider to be the Lard's day off or something and so Old Knudsen the kind chap that he is doesn't want to post anything too heavy. Just a pretty gurl with beautiful eyes and luscious hair.

Its also nice that shes naked, I know that some of you are into that sort of thing.

Well you enjoy it and don't forget ..... brush yer teeth at least twice a day.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Kate The Great Topless

Remember the time when Kate meant either Beckinsale or Winslett? sure there was Moss and then Hudson but the former two were the main ones. Kate Bush didn't get much out and who would care if she did?

Who hasn't seen this Kate topless? The reader is a very fine movie .... to wank to.

This Kate just annoys me, no idea why shes just ..... annoying.

Kate Middleton needs to behave more Queen like. That could have been a sniper half a mile away. Her and the heir's security seem to be um ......... fucking amateurs.

Moss just revolts Old Knudsen.

Not sure if this lass is named Kate, her boobs aren't that big so maybe she is.

This post is dedicated to the thousands who have searched for, Kate topless, Kate nude, Kate naked and Kate Middleton topless.

Why are you doing this Old Knudsen? yer just interfering with perverts searching for the next Queen of England's (and the rest of the cuntry) norks.......... again. 
Maybe thats why I'm doing it, or maybe Old Knudsen bores easily.   

Its not a great pair of tits and is not a great or very important story so quit looking for royal jugs. 

The Pope Likes Pedos But Hates Gheys... Huh?

They have cloven feet and fuck grown men ..... not young tasty boys. In the old days we'd put them in camps..... fucking queers.  

The Pope has said in a speech that ghey marriage threatens society and because they do not follow Catholic law that “promote those values that permit the full development of the human person.” that means then they obviously aren’t fully developed humans.

Its how its phrased that you can easily take offense at it. The Vatican doesn't care about their PR. They would have apologised to all the victims of abuse if they did care instead of blaming them. 

Hes becoming outrageous sensing his ever growing lack of relevance in the world as followers click 'unfollow.' He'll still always have his superstitious sheep following him. 

What he means is that if you don't do what he says then you won't grow spiritually, unlike him who is as enlightened as fuck.

What would Jesus do? He'd preach tolerance and love then maybe he'd have the odd hissy fit in the temples until either the Christians, Jews or Muslims killed him for not supporting their agendas. No wonder he hasn't returned ..... oh and being fictional doesn't help that much.

Its bad when Lady Gaga is sounding more reasonable and Christian than the Pope.  ”What the pope thinks of being gay does not matter. It doesn’t matter to the world. It matters to the people who like the pope and follow the pope. It’s not a reflection of all Christians. It is not a reflection of all religious people. It’s a point of view of one person.”
She recently posted pictures of herself because the media called her fat, it doesn't matter to the world if she has put on a few LBS. It does matter that her music is shite.

Thank heavens for little boys. Fiddle about, fiddle about.

Ghey, black, yeller, fat, thin, ginger, Christian, Muslim or Satanist ..... whatever, just don't be a cunt.  Why isn't Old Knudsen in charge of something besides his untrustworthy bowels?  So many people want to rule the world or at least their little worlds.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Topless

On the popularity of my Kate Middleton topless posts I now present to you Nakoula Basseley Nakoula AKA Sam Bacile, the maker of the worldwide hit movie that hardly anyone has seen The innocence of Muslims .

The photo taken before his incarceration for parole violation we sat in his living room amongst the piles of used tissues and bottles of hand cream. 

He sat on his sex swing pulling at his nipple ring suggesting that I should climb onto the swing too as it was fun but Old Knudsen declined, I'd gone there to hear about a movie role 'Children of the desert'  the scene in which I was dressed like a Muslim raping and murdering whole villages of men, weemen, children and their goats was confusing. What was Old Knudsen's motivation in the scene? 

Nakoula or John Ford as I knew him as then assured me it was a set up to show the horrors of war .... ah like Black hawk doon says I but shot entirely in Hemet ..... got ya.  

Is Hemet not where sex offenders and crazy white supremacists go to live? ach I suppose they are people too. 

My movie never got made, perhaps when Nakoula gets out of protective custody.

Good news! The Pakistani government official who placed a reward for the assassination of Nakoula has impressed Al Qaeda sufficiently that they have taken him off their hit list.   No I do not suspect a ploy, its all for the love of Gog. 

Opinion For Hire

This Old Knudsen opinion was brought to you by [name withheld]  Leading America into a brighter more Christian future. 

Who Is Tulsia?


Upon returning to the land of the dead, er I mean the UK, Old Knudsen kept hearing about some lass who had a sex tape out. Her name was Tulisa and was famous (over here) somehow. I just thought she was one of the many reality show people that the British media pass off as being a celeb ... in other words someone completely unknown in America.

People may be famous in the UK and maybe even be a cultural icons for the last 50 years but when you go States side you soon realise what small fish they are.

Tulisa is a hip hop singer-songwriter with her cousin named Dappy which sounds like nappy, as in nappy headed hos  (see Don Imus)

Going by appearance I take it hes a comic too, if you went by his eyebrows you'd think he was ghey but no, hes just Greek..... nice neck tat, I think the Queen has one like that oh and yer granny wants her ear rings back.

Tulisa like many others in UK showbiz is an average looking gurl, a little pretty, not Hollywood pretty but ok for the UK.
She became a judge on the X-Factor which is like American Idol and right now she is promoting her book. Saying in it.

“My job as a judge on the X Factor was to smile and be smart and funny. But underneath I was petrified of being made to look like a slapper in front of the nation.”

How could you ever think she was a slapper? Not her fault yon sex tape got released BTW. Its shite when someone you trusted puts out yer sex tape, Old Knudsen knows the pain as he has released many. Have ya seen the one of Old Knudsen with Barbara Walters? fucking nasty it is.... and its on sale 15% off if you contact me within the next 10 minutes. 

No slapper has ever worn animal print short skirts or had tattoos

Now Tulsia is taking about how she was raped when someone spiked her drink. Like Kim Kardashian it looks like she is trying to make her career out of sex and her bad sexual experiences as if they are something to interest the reader with in absence of something interesting to say. I'm sure the younger and less cool of yous know her songs but seriously she has definitely not becum famous for her music.

Put this lass amongst the other so-called celebs and I wouldn't be able to pick her out from the other slappers.... er ladies.

Look its British celebs! .......... where?

Old Knudsen likes to study others though at the moment there is so much of the same thing. If it wasn't for soccer players wanting to shag tarts like this none of them would have a career or fame.


Friday, 28 September 2012

You Are What You Eat

Now Its A Ghost Type Pokemon

So I bought this little Pikachu Pokemon from some giggling Japanese gurls. No idea what they were saying but they know what money is.  Old Knudsen has seen the power these wee things have and knows a money maker when he sees it.

Its an electric type Pokemon seen here doing its Thunderbolt move.

Before entering competitions and becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time I wanted to see what it could do.
Don't go judging Old Knudsen, it was totally fair to expect a Pikachu to be able to handle yer average  pit bull type dog.

Learn from Old Knudsen's pain, Pikachus are shite! 

I still gotta try and catch them all.

Jesus Was Married

It was just a few fucking drinks get off my back. But Honey I had yer dinner out and the kids where asking where you where. 

Did Jesus have a wife? of course he did, he wanted to be a normal respectful bloke much like the politicians of today. Being 33, hanging around with a group of guys ....... c'mon people will talk.

Different attitudes back then, buggering young boys and gurls was accepted, no one went on about rights and being equal, weemen were told their place and accepted it, poor scum knew their place and the Romneys of the world could have them killed just for fun. If you think its a man's world now you don't have a clue.
It wasn't that long ago that dogs had more rights than Irish people according to the English.

Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled a 4th-Century Coptic script at a conference in Rome. Divinity professor is code for, I don't have a real job.

So its 400 years after the alleged death of Christ. What do we know about 400 years ago? a lot, because we got the science. Still, go trace yer family tree and see how many stone walls you hit within 100 years.  Except those cunts who has well off ancestors. 

She said researchers had identified the words "Jesus said to them, my wife" which might refer to Mary Magdalene........ or anyone else if you think about it.

Christian tradition holds that Jesus did not marry - but Prof King said in early years it was subject to debate.
Much like the Ice age that was to happen in the 1980's. 

Alin Suciu, a papyrologist at the University of Hamburg in Germany says it’s a forgery. "The script doesn’t look authentic when compared with other samples of Coptic papyrus script dated to the fourth century."

33 words all with no context. King seems to be doing that thing of getting published to make a name rather than looking for truth extracted from scientific study , in other words shes a religious quack.

Yeshua Ben Yosef otherwise known to the west as Jesus probably didn't exist. The Romans were better record keepers than the Nazis and had no mention of him. Go find me historical evidence that he existed and make sure it doesn't cum from someone like King. To genealogists if you can't find the facts then don't go assuming as then yer heading into make believe. 

Old Knudsen goes by actions, not words. Casually wiping out nations, raping a young gurl then letting yer son get tortured to death are not the actions of a good God.  You may say "oh you have to have faith or he works in mysterious ways" Ok 2000 years and Jesus hasn't returned. Thats like going out on a lukewarm date and the gurl not giving you her phone number and her saying, "I'll give you a call." How long are you going to have faith for before you realise, maybe she didn't like the nigger jokes you made ....... some people.  
The whole Jesus thing didn't end too well, "uh yeah I'll return, um no worries." ........... "The fuck I will, humans are cunts!"

I don't want a God that I have to make excuses for. Also all those Christians going on about free will but still not supporting weemen's rights to abortion.... smells like hypocrisy. If you say "what about the free will of the child?" then thats a distraction as many are denied free will and theres no issue about that, the prisons are full of people whose free will is being trampled upon. "You don't ask someone elses child if they want a lolly, you ask their parents."  If we are God's children would he not help us more the way a loving parent would? What is the point to having a God if hes gonna make you feel shit for children starving and getting butt fucked by pedo Christians?  Give Old Knudsen super powers so his free will actually counts. 

Yeshua or Yehoshuah was a name from well before the Common Era and historians have found around 70 inscriptions of it. Doesn't mean it was Yeshua Ben Yosef or Jesus but the fundies usually decide it is. 
Thats like saying to someone, "Oh yer from America, do you know Phil and Janice? they live in America." 
I remember a few years back when some religious nuts unearthed some big vases in the Holy land and decided that, that was the spot where Jesus turned the water to wine. What a logic fail. Its not like Pompeii, history didn't just stop. Go to the place that you got married or where you attended a wedding and see if you can still find the prawn cocktail from that wedding.... Americans do lovely seafood sass BTW.   

If Jesus did have a wife, common sense dictates that he would. Would she be white like he and his followers were?

Suffer the little children for I love to cum onto thee ..... All sounds like a pedo handbook to me which explains why there are so many Christian pedos. You Christians and Muslims ..... yer all Jews gone wrong.
Shame on you Professor Karen King and yer agenda.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cameron Does America

David Cameron the Prime Minister of England , lord commissioner of Scotland, Wales and a bit of Ireland was on America TV this week.
Appearing on the talk show Letterman to promote is new book, 'I'm alright, sorry you're poor' he wowed the Yank audience with his charm and wit ....... no not really a sign tells them to clap and cheer and another says to laugh.

Even though they are told how to react Cameron was almost brought to tears as he had forgotten what its like to be loved.
He was later said to be considering a move to the States which actually got him many cheers and some support in the UK.

Billionaires Are So Wise

You need to listen to Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart. Do you think its easy turning a paltry $75 million into $18 billion? Look at her I bet she went without meals, went without sleep thinking about the stress of Christmas time and how her kids won't be getting much this year, I bet she went without healthcare and because she didn't have a car had to steal a shopping cart to push her groceries home every month when her food stamps came through, I bet the only work she could get was under the table and paid at the discretion of the employer and she was grateful for those few extra dollars because that meant she could make the rent this month and afford toilet paper.

When Old Knudsen's dad died all that Old Knudsen inherited was his dashing good looks..... looks like she only got her Da's money.  

Like so many business people Rinehart wants to exploit the poor so she can employ people for less. Outsourcing is a good business practice and works for the employer while everyone else gets fucked. Whine whine whine, "they are closing our firm doon and moving it to China, this is a disgrace." You didn't complain when they closed the firm doon somewhere else and moved it to yer area.

Billionaires just don't have the same thinking and needs as the average person does.

Religion And Blow Jobs

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is urging her fellow citizens to show tolerance to Muslims. Shes finding all the violence and protests against yon anti-Islam video a little bit hard to swallow.

She says look to yer own religion "rather than having fear of Islam."

Wise words from the person (unofficially) in charge of Europe.

Old Knudsen is having difficulty showing tolerance to religious people in general as religion seems to have been hijacked for political purposes and by those with even more sinister motives.  

The Middle East has never been at peace and yet everyone (not everyone thank gog) believes a book or two from there has all the answers, its crazy. No wonder all the religions that have sprung from that book are crazy and contradictory and used as a reason to persecute and commit genocide throughout the ages. 

Religion is not one size fits all off the peg, Angela is right we all need to cum to peace with ourselves, we need to figure it out for ourselves rather than look for things to take offense at in so-called sacred books. This obviously includes Muslims and Jews too. We all be haters big G.

If you hate then figure out why you hate. Bitten by a clown as a child does not mean you should hate all clowns ..... you can find them creepy but hating them all because of one zombie clown is stupid.

And swallow. Well done Angela, guzzled like a boss.

Saving America ... Again

Don't worry lad I'll get you through this but yer gonna have to do me two things, (1) make this second term count and (2) pay me a big wad of money ......... not dollars they aren't worth shite, I mean gold.

Make that three things, put in a good word with Hilary for me. Have you ever seen her naked?

A few months later: