Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You Deny It And I'll Deny Punching You

Thanks to other people talking about Holocaust deniers Old Knudsen got to thinking. There are no shortage of deniers like dodgy historian David Irving (above) many of them don't deny it totally they say well maybe a little of it happened. 

Yeah its difficult to deny it outright because you had thousands of troops returning from the war who had seen it first hand, then there are the survivors... did they all lie? then the families with so many missing and those lovely people who guarded the camps and lived in the villages nearby.

They say the Jews manipulate the figures because ........ I don't know why maybe to make Hitler and his Nazis look bad?  ............ total big nosed bastards how dare they!

These Holocaust deniers should really be called Holocaust quibblers or Holocaust hagglers. "I'll give you that no more than 2 million Jews were killed .... ok then twist my arm and I'll throw in a million gheys and Slavs too ."

Many figures on how many died during the Holocaust have been used, 11- 17 million is the usual range of figures. 
Thats with the 6 million Jews then you have the homosexuals, Communists and other political dissidents, Slavs, Jehovah's Witnesses,  some Protestant pastors and Catholic priests, black people, the mentally and physically disabled also anyone they just didn't like.  

Concentration camps had all ready been used by the US against the Indians, General Sherman being a great believer in them and then by the Brits against the Boers. The first Nazi camp was Dachau which opened in 1933 so the idea was already a well tested one. 

The Germans are an efficient people and the Nazis became great problem solvers. The gas chambers grew as the daily intake grew, the crematoriums were built to burn the bodies and all belongings went off to get sorted out with the plan to distribute them to the new German settlers after the war was won.  
Auschwitz had several gas chambers that could kill 1,200 people at a time and had 5 crematoriums each burning 2000 to 5000 bodies a day depending on the influx of prisoners. 

During the really busy times some bodies had to be burned out in the open.
The Sonderkommando which were Jews forced to help with the disposal of bodies were often killed and replaced so they didn't give out any secrets of who was next. 

The Nazis being such good record keepers made sure their numbers were written down, an all time daily record was recorded at  24,000 Hungarian Jews in 1944. 

The figures are bad enough without going into the details of how the daily amount of gold extracted from the teeth of the victims was around 12 kg. 

Respect for those who suffered and shame to those whose little minds pretend to not see what horrors we humans can be capable of. 
No quibbling no haggling they weren't mean evil people they were normal men, women and so many children.   

Bullies, Nazis and those who practice moral disengagement disgust Old Knudsen.

These people may have went up in smoke but they did not vanish. Their murder has left a stain on the world as does every other atrocity, some of them we know about and others we don't.