Friday, 24 August 2012

What A Dump

Arnold Schwarzenegger former movie star and ex governor of Callyfornia didn't order extra syrup with his waffles but he got it.

The 65 year-old groper was having breakfast at his favourite diner when his morning glory decided it was time to appear.

"I was standing behind the counter and I could see Arnie looking very pale, "said Constance Sweat waitress at Mel's diner, " all of a sudden he screamed Kaghh!!! then there was a terrible smell of fish tacos and sauerkraut ."

It was at that moment that Arnie showed he still had his action brown star moves by sprinting for the door while at the same time leaving $40 on the table. 

"He was wearing a pair of Khaki Dockers, for the bigger butted man but when he left they were nutmeg brown, we couldn't use that booth all day and I voted for him," said a disgruntled Constance as she poured a coffee.

Bess Eaton the waitress assigned to that table said, "Usually Mr Schwarznegger spends an hour or two over breakfast hes real friendly and usually takes an interest in your life like do you live alone or who was your first boyfriend, he loved to give bear hugs to all the girls here. I guess he had to go but he certainly left a hefty tip." Glancing over to the still stained seat.

Arnie who is currently filming 'The Last stand' in which he plays General Armstrong Custard the first man on the moon was unavailable for comment.