Monday, 27 August 2012

Walking Ginger Hard-on Alert

Did no one teach him that its rude to point? 

I've heard all the sides of the argument about Harry frolicking naked in America. Lets get this out of the way first. He isn't just some young soldier blowing off steam after having served his country on the front lines in Afghanistan 5 years ago. For one hes 28 years-old this year, his military service is shall we say um 'special' surrounded by 200 bodyguards at all times allowed to pop off a few rounds at the fuzzies to make him feel like a real soldier. I salute his service as he is as much of a target if not more and still is.
All his life hes been a target just like the people of Northern Ireland who have grown up with terrorism. Hes privileged enough to have others look out for the dangers but he should know better.

Typical Englishman with his aura of superiority easily taken doon by someone with nothing to loose. 

" Now don't do anything stupid I'll be there in one hour."

Prince Harry is third in line to the British throne and so is not just an ordinary grunt, like it or not he just can't do shit. If he wants to then he can quit. Old Knudsen doesn't care how many weemen are stupid enough to let him put his inbred ginger cock inside them, just do it quietly ... ambassador for yer cuntry and behaving like all the other chavs.

Roll on the release of the sex tape.

I'm gonna make you a princess for a night, lucky you. 

The worse thing about all of this is the way that the British press has reacted. The UK isn't quaint and its stiff upper lip went limp years ago. Its a theocracy run by out of date whiny bureaucrats . Buckingham palace asked the press not to print the pictures in the British newspapers and behind that polite request was the threat of legal action about printing pictures of people while they are in private.

"I need you to kill anyone that prints those pictures Mr Knudsen."

Its silly but the UK is full of silly laws and its officials live by the letter of these laws as they just don't do free thinking here........ thats a Yank thing.

The whole world has seen the pictures and the palace has proven how out of touch they are because it is no longer a small world in which you can hide atrocities on the other side of it. There is this little thing called the Interweb.
It also disrespects the British people by treating them like children.

The pictures were taken in a hotel room and stopped being a private place when ginger nuts invited a load of drunken people back to it and where was his security to vet for phones?

Prince Harry the ginger playboy cannot be trusted, sure he can fake it for a while but as soon as he has a drink and his pee pee gets hard his brain is out of there just like his father..... no not Prince Charles .

James Hewitt

Look familiar?

This incident has told us more about the UK than the private life of the spare to the throne.

Prince Harry needs to be chemically castrated or this will happen. He isn't a young man having fun hes a soul-less Prince which the ability to produce little ginger heirs. If the Kennedys could lobotomise one of their own and hide her from the pubic er public why can't the family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha er I mean Windsor do the same?