Saturday, 11 August 2012

US Women's Football Team Vajazzles

There has been some controversy about the US weemen's Olympic soccer team. After beating Japan (again ... 2 nukes/goals does the trick) and getting gold they put on their Nike victory shirts. The controversy wasn't the 'Nike' brand it was the slogan that some thought wasn't classy or appropriate,  " Greatness has been found "

Now you may think, "hey why doesn't Old Knudsen have that slogan tattooed onto his forehead?" ach I know it does apply strongly to me being the Greatest blogger in the world  .... whether you like that or not.

Would this controversy ever happen if it was the US?  Everyone loves to slag them off about any little display of elitism .
The US is like an insecure person getting on like a over confident ego manic. They appear like total dicks but when you meet them face to face they becum less unlikeable .... somewhat. 

What about Usain Bolt milking the crowd after his victories? no one slags him off, nope its just the US.

Some Brits stand up for the Yanks while some fellow Yanks put them doon its just people with no problems in their lives looking for things to get worked up about. 

The way Old Knudsen sees it is. The US is shite at soccer so yay to them its a win. Also its weemen so yay to them for competing in a sport that was once only for men. 
Old Knudsen doesn't like football but supports weemen's soccer as its far less ghey ..... even if the gurls are all leezers.

I'm glad the US finally found some greatness as Old Knudsen was starting to worry that they had used it all up after WWII. 

VJ day again this time just real vajas .