Thursday, 23 August 2012

To The Rear

To show you what pigs we men are OBB flicked through Old Knudsen's little black book and called up one of his exes to do a wee sting operation.
We attached a hidden camera to beautiful Maria's backside and walked her around the streets of LA to see what attention she'd get from the men she passes by.

Straight away these two young men are getting a good eye full. "Yeah I'd tap that."

Two older blokes on the way to the strip club almost break their necks as they whip their heads round to look at her arse.

Oh you are so busted. Leering at lovely Maria's Krakatoa over the shoulder of yer gurlfriend ... classy. 'I'm going to be thinking about that when we're banging later on.'

Even Jesus likes a bit of bum, just ask Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Ringo and Prancer.

So ladies when yer out on the town you don't need a hidden camera to catch the lookers you might as well just assume that men are not just looking at yer cleavage but the rest too because we love it all.