Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Most Hated Man At The Olympics

As Usain Bolt went on to show the world that he is the fastest man in the world even though Ashley Gill-Webb aged 34 threw a beer bottle onto the track behind him at the starting block to put him off. Before the incident he was heard shouting to Bolt that he wouldn't win.

The chubby no arsed balding dickhead let himself doon and let his cuntry doon. He has shamed us all and needs to be sent into exile after a long prison sentence of torture and hard labour. The Queen is not amused and I hope that his two young children are proud of him...... The perfect example of why some people should not be allowed to breed, is he fit to be a parent?  

Where in yer idiot drunken head made this act of cheating vandalism a good idea? Yer at an event thats a part of history and this is how you act? you tried to spoil it for everyone else you jealous, selfish cunt.

Shame on you ya stupid prick. Well done on Olympic security for letting him in with a prohibited item.... doh!  Where was the army when you need them?

Usain Bolt won the 100 metres gold. The crowd went crazy as they have welcomed him as a much loved celebrity even though he is not a part of Team GB.

That right there shows you the true spirit of the Olympic games not some stupid beer bottle tossing tosser.

Edith Bosch during some primal scream therapy after she failed to win the gold. Shes golden in my book.

Edith Bosch the Dutch gurl who won a bronze medal in the judo was near by the asshole and hit him when she saw what her did ......... her medal was then upgraded to gold. She was in a good spot to watch the race but because of  Mr Webb she missed it. 

American Justin Gatlin who took bronze in the race said that he did hear the bottle fall but didn't know what it was, the distraction had not effected the race according to him. Bolt being on another level than you mere mortals didn't notice the noise.  

Ashley Gill - Webb is on Old Knudsen's shit list along with Hitler, Gandhi, James Holmes, Charles Carl Roberts IV,  Bashar al Assad, Osama bin Laden, Robert Mugabe, Putin, Def Leppard,Wade Michael Page, Susan Smith and yon Rebecca Black hoor (she isn't a hoor because she is black ... which she isn't) 

A bloke with two gurl names to match his gurl jeans tried to spoil something that we all hold dear all because hes got gurly names and a small penis. The vending machine repairman who should lose his job over this should think twice when he acts the big man next time.