Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Irony Of Bronze

The Olympics cumming to an ending means that BBC 1 will go back to soaps and other forms of lameness.
It didn't go too badly for London even though tourists stayed away and the hotels jacked their prices up but the games were quite successful.

Besides all the empty seats that were already spoken for but sat empty the other big thing was the name of the British team. Team GB not Team UK ..... ah fuck the English for pointing out that Northern Ireland are second class citizens until they want to claim a winner as being a Brit.

Athletes from Northern Ireland can join Team GB or Team Ireland. Team GB is more difficult to get into so it was a good option for some. Oh course you have some uptight cunts who'll refuse to cheer for Team Ireland on principle ..... silly wankers.

One of the local lads that made a big impression was Belfast boxer Paddy Barnes.

During the opening ceremony he had a sign advertising sponsorship and throughout he had a cheeky wit. He and team mate Michael Conlan had a competition on who could get the most sport celeb photos taken.

Barnes seen here stalking Usain Bolt. Usain can usually spot the cameras a mile off but missed this one.

Paddy Barnes had won a bronze medal in the last Olympics and again in this one. He'll be remembered for his spirit and the fact that most interviewers could not understand his accent than his wins.

The English media have barely noticed Barnes but Tom Daly the diver who also won a bronze medal you'd think that he had won a gold the way they are getting on. It helps to be English and pretty.