Saturday, 18 August 2012

Spartacus And His Wife Found The Ark

If you had to pick a person to find remains of Noah's ark who would you pick Indiana Jones, Usain Bolt or maybe yer bald guy from Ghost hunters?

Bald guy from ghost hunters with a wicked awesome ghost sniffing dog

I'd pick Google earth cos its a fucking stupid idea to start with. Yes lets find yon ginger bread hoose while we're at it oh and after that maybe the Titanic ...... fucking morons.

 Looking hot back in 1998, I mean Hoff and the black chick. Donna kinda looks ....... blah.

Donna D'Errico a former Playboy Playmate Of The Month and former Baywatch "actress" decided she was the one to find it fulfilling a lifelong dream to hunt for Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat.
Why Ararat? The Bible says the ark landed somewhere in Urartu in eastern Turkey, it was later that people identified Mount Ararat with Urartu.

The mount is about 16,854 ft, Donna discovered this when she suffered a major fall.   

OMG her lips are all swollen, lucky she managed to put lipstick on to try to cover them up.

 The 44-year-old has vowed to complete the final two days of her trip. After years of study she had pinpointed the likely locations for the magical boat.

'I've been studying this for years and know where the sightings have been,' she said.
'According to my research, the ark lays broken into at least two, but most likely three, pieces.
'I believe that one of those pieces is in the uppermost Ahora Gorge area, an extremely dangerous area to climb and explore.'  

I hope her Kurdish guide has made good money putting up with this silly bint. It was also a lifelong dream of hers to have her own cooking show too.... Some people's dreams are a bit all over the place. 

Here is why stupid fuckers like  D'Errico won't find the Ark. 

Many think that the Ark would be about 4,800 years old according to what they have thought up in their heads and wood they have said to have found lying about the mount.... many teams have found the Ark because the crazy Christians that go looking for it want to believe and see the shapes they want to see.

Except there wasn't a flood 4,800 years ago. There was one about 9,400 years ago. No it wasn't the world wide flood that covered the world and lifted boats up to mountains. The Black sea rose about 30 feet.

Oh someone planted some ancient wood? nah Evangelical Christians wouldn't lie, I've never heard of such a thing.  4,800 year-old wood and no sign of a flood doesn't really make the story real ..... ya need to scatter some old sea shells about the Mount too.

Newsflash!  The Bible isn't made to be taken seriously er I mean literally. The stories are meant to be allegorical. Be good or Gog will fuck you up!

If the crazy story of the Ark was true those humans left would use the wood to build a new life, they wouldn't say, "thats got elephant shit all over it I'm leaving it here on this high mountain with no resources for miles." 

How did the Emu and Koala get from Turkey to Australia and why are they found only in Australia ? 

If  D'Errico who got funding for this trip from her website had fun then thats all that counts, if people were dumb enough to give her money then they shouldn't have money. 

Just like anyone that sends money to fight a court case in which a cute wee dog is going to get put down. 
Seems to be a lot of these cases popping up recently and all asking for money.

Must be a recession. Big NASA events and folks looking for dreams.