Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rodney King Is Still Dead

Rodney King who was found dead in his Rialto home swimming pool has finally had his autopsy results completed.
This may be a surprise to you but he had Cocaine, PCP, Marijuana and Alcohol in his system. What? poor wee 'why can't we all just get along' Rodders was high as a kite just like the time he resisted arrest back in 1991.

According to his fiance Cynthia Kelley he was taking his late night dip in the pool and then was suddenly banging on the patio door screaming, she must have thought it was time for her weekly get knocked about session and didn't open it, then he fell into his pool ....... kites can't swim and not all shit floats.

King having drugs in his system is a no brainer like Amy Winehoose not having a long life, which I believe was mentioned on this blog long before her death.

Old Knudsen was surprised at the recent death of superstar Phyllis Diller aged 95 who died during complications in childbirth, at least the baby survived.

Before you say it Old Knudsen will be a part of the child's life, at least until Phyllis' money is used up.
Oh fuck up and don't judge me.

Judge this guy

His friend took a photo of him floating in a lake with his doggie to ease it's arthritic inflamed joints. Years back John Unger was depressed when his fiancee left him but good old Schoep pulled him out of it and Unger learned to love life once again.

Why judge him? Old Knudsen can smell the Schoep, take a photo of the doggie chewing a fucking bone instead of some picturesque set up.   Unger has a pony tail ........ no wonder his gurl left him. 

After this pic went viral because of sad fuckers like you that will gurn over a doggie but care nothing about children until a cute one gets abducted he went on about the hope that he'll get some dates out of the whole thing as it has been hard for him to meet weemen.

What about poor old Schoep whose on his last legs? ..... "Uh yeah Schoep could die at any moment, hes 20 years old for fucks sake, but who will be my doggy when he dies? e-mail '' don't forget to send me titty pics so I can chose."