Thursday, 30 August 2012

Old Knudsen On Women

Thanks to the US Republican party or GOP , Old Knudsen is having to re-think his idea about weemen.
The conclusion that he has cum to is that weemen should butt out of anything to do with their health or how they should live their lives.

Now before ya go all knee-jerk angry listen to these soothing words of sense, 'Its for yer own good dear.'
Now that you have calmed doon please read on.  

Men should have the say on weemen and their rights.

Men have studied weemen from all angles and for hours all throughout their lives ...... unless they are are ghey men of course. See my GOP inspired post entitled 'rehabilitation death camps' if ya want to know about ghey men.

Men study weemen mostly during adolescence in their darkened room for hours everyday. The adolescent brain is at its most receptive to the female body which gives us men a great foundation to lay doon preconceived notions about weemen.

Weemen are there for sex, cleaning up after men and cooking ..... its God's way. If you can find a woman that good at everything then its probably yer mother, ask yer Da to share.

All Old Knudsen's facts are backed up by *Dr D. Smute *seen here coming out of court in a rare photo from 2004

Top fact # 1... 80% of divorce is caused by weemen not doing as they are told or not wanting to put up with stuff like infidelity or domestic violence. Walk a mile in our shoes weemen!

Top fact # 2...Men do not give their consent during sex and don't go on about being raped.

Top fact # 3... Weemen can turn their reproductive systems on and off and only go on about birth control to gain attention.

Top fact # 4... Weemen are the reason for 94% of all rapes ...... if their weren't any weemen then there wouldn't be rapists.

Top fact # 5... Many weemen are sociopaths who are addicted to mind games, the main one is saying no when they really mean yes.

The truth is hard to handle at times.

On the issue of abortion. Weemen should be allowed to have abortions but only if the birth endangers the mother's life or if its the wrong colour. Ethnic children born to white mothers just make the country look so untidy.

There are no unwanted children in the world, no children who are unloved or live in fear of abuse no children that don't have homes ..... they simply don't exist and so there is no reason for abortion.

Old Knudsen being an expert on weemen knows that when any weemen read this post they will see sense and reason straight away. If not then they are leezers and should seek medical help and get God into their sinful lives.

Many organizations have cum out in support of this post so it must be true.

* Dr Smute has a PhD in Geography and hears voices from God and is serving a 12 year sentence for a misunderstanding. He is currently writing his memoirs, 'Mind controlling whores of Satan'  *

Obviously you'd have to be insane to believe what is written in this post. It has been inspired by the policies of the above groups. 
Its sad that I feel that I must do a disclaimer but many folks out there are just so fucking thick and don't get sarcasm ....... no really.