Friday, 31 August 2012

King Of Bears

Squirrel piss aged to perfection in plastic tubs for a week thats what goes into the clear crisp taste of Budweiser beer.
Not really, the secret ingredient is stale hobo piss passed over warm pebbles. The people who make the beer 'Anheuser-Busch' have long fixated over falling sales and image issues.
Clydesdale horses were one of its marketing ploys until they thought, 'what the fuck do horses have to do with drinking beer? .... the smell of the horses and beer is similar but thats all.'

They want to get away from the 'old man' beer image.

What the fuck is wrong with old men?

Many people like to get a mouthful of old man. Now as we know the beer isn't exactly full of a little thing called taste and yer farts the next day smell like a mix of cabbage and dog shit but its a manly can to stand and hold.

It says, I can get wasted and still catch fish.

It says, weemen want to go doon on me ....... or at least my beer while I watch wearing my plaid shirt.

Maybe they should promote it as being almost alcohol free (at least tasting like it) with the woody taste of outdoors America..... thats not wood thats car fumes.

Did you know that Budweiser is called Chumweiser in the UK and was the first beer that Queen Elisabeth II ever tasted during a trip to Canada?

Old Knudsen thinks that this king of blogging needs to be hired by the king of beers.