Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kill It With Fire

Strange dead creatures have been washed up around the New York area over the past few years leading some to question the possibility of a mutant breeding facility at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center that breeds Foo foo dogs with Griffins to be used as weapons of war.

Isn't it strange how the New York Parks Department took the recent creature 'The Manhattan monster or East river beast' and disposed of it quickly claiming it to be merely a roasted pig left over from a Barbeque ?

Many so-called experts have also claimed that the Montauk Monster washed up in 2008 was a dead raccoon..... see the pattern of high level cover ups?

Say what you will but Old Knudsen has a picture the latest washed up beast and there is no way that this is normal.

Look at the eyes the way they sit on the sides of its head and those fangs designed to chew you up and spit you mouth, oh and the claws, once it gets its claws into you its all over.

Washed up and rotting this is disgusting.