Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jewish Beer Goggles

Here is where Old Knudsen blasts a culture he knows nothing about. That maybe so but he doesn't have to understand a serial killer to know that they need to be put doon.

For Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Israel to look at weemen who are not covered head to toe is forbidden. They came up with a better solution than spitting on them or throwing eggs at them, they wear glasses that are all blurry instead.

 Fuck thats annoying and ever so ghey.

Its written in the religious scrolls of many cultures that weemen are just for breeding with and if ya wanna have yer jollies then thats what young boys are for. This is plainly why you have the Saudis, Amish etc treating weemen as second class citizens.

See, Old Knudsen does know about yon Jews and not just from when he was serving in Palestine after the war, he knows what Jewish spit tastes like.

Hey look at me, I don't look stupid I look steam punk...... nah take them off and you still look stupid, do they not have barbers where yer from boy? ya won't cut yer hair but foreskin, fuck yeah! Since they live in the filthy middle east what happens if they get head lice? are they then holy head lice that cannot be killed?  

The glasses are sold in the extremely religious neighbourhoods of Jerusalem (the capital city of Israel according to Romney)  they cost about $6, and are so blurry that when affixed to glasses the wearers can’t see beyond three yards.
I'm sure you can get them rose tinted too but not red .... oh no those hairy Jews don't like red.

The glasses have not yet caught on in New York which is just as well as you'd miss out on these beauties. That may not be a bad thing, get me those glasses stat!

Hold on a minute, Sarah Jessica Parker Face actually doesn't look that bad now. Usually I'd have to drink quite a bit for her to look that good.

Rabbi Bernard Freilich, a Hasidic community leader, called the glasses sellers in Israel an “ultra, ultra fringe group” that does not speak for the Orthodox and Hasidic communities at large.
“You might as well put on helmet, too, because your vision would be so blurry you’d walk into a pole,” he said.
I think the good Rabbi meant any Slav and not just Poles.... you can avoid them by smell as they tend to smell like cabbage. 

Most Jewish men walk about with a dollar bills in their hands to shove into a woman's g-string cos they all playas, liken the ladies ....... being Jewish they do ask for change.

Old Knudsen welcomes religion as you need something to control the masses but also welcomes equality. 

Forgetting about crazy cults and the Irgun or the Stern gang who killed many a British soldier in Palestine in the late 1940's Old Knudsen does have a soft spot for weemen serving in the IDF. Maybe its the uniform or the M-16 I don't know.  It would be a shame to wear blurry glasses for then you miss out on beauty created by the divine which to Old Knudsen seems like a deadly sin.