Monday, 20 August 2012

It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin

Isn't Boris Johnson that big fat fella? wanna cum in and see my big hole in the basement?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland David Cameron is still giddy over the Olympics.
He wants to make sure that all primary schools have competitive sports on the curriculum , he doesn't want to fund it or make sure that all schools have adequate playing grounds but he wants it to happen. He complained that one school had Indian dancing as a form of exercise. Rain dances would explain the flooding England has had.

Hes been saying strange things like.

"This is a truly great country. Over the past couple of weeks we've looked in the mirror and we've liked what we have seen as a country."

We have also watched ourselves having sex in the mirror and our cheeks do indeed shudder. Look now I'm a woman time to make the tea!

The idiot mayor of London who is tipped to become Prime Minister some day and the British people are stupid enough to make that happen says children should have 2 hours of sport a day as he had when he attending Eton.
Then the fat fucker broke wind and said, "good arse I thought you were dead."

The Spartans had it right. Train the children from the age of 7 and when they became adults give them a test and if they graduate they are citizens and if not then they become perioeci or the middle class.
I imagine if they were middle class they would be forced to live in a nice hoose that had two toilets and  a boring white collar job that paid a decent wage.

Old Knudsen is not a competitive person, he doesn't have to be as he is the best anyway. You may win but Old Knudsen wasn't trying to, he was busy with his perfect form, which is not a movie about a big wave.