Sunday, 12 August 2012

Image Fluffing

Some of the more shall we say primitive  people who can't get their heds around science may not believe in evolution.
They choose to believe a book written thousands of years ago by some sandal wearing mong who couldn't even set up a Facebook account... uh yeah he obviously knows more and doesn't make shit up.

Evolution is happening as the right wing fundies say 'whether you like it or not' its a slow process but none the less it is happening. Its happens because nature is all about change, if you don't change you die.
Neanderthals were the first Young Earth Creationist types and where are they now?   

Not just physical changes but because we humans are so civilized (terms and conditions may apply)  we have to use social evolution to change our ways and the perception others have of us or we die as in don't feed our needs of fame, money and power.

One minute you are groping some chick out of view of others.

Then it becums harder to do it in private once you becum governor of Callyfornia but that wreaks yer marriage and harms yer career.... Scheisse!

How to change the old you as you may be getting on a bit and an old sexist Nazi cannae change his wandering hands.

You get in shape even if it kills you and appear in the odd movie in bit parts. Soon my prettys the world will have forgotten yer indiscretions and fame will be yers again.

Some people can't change but thats ok a lot of social evolution is bullshit.

I vill be back!