Monday, 6 August 2012

I Like Romney He Makes Me Smile

Romney and his mitts.
Clint Eastwood has joined other important celebs like Donald Thrump, Gene Simmons Jon Voight and porn star Jenna Jameson in endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

When Romney was running for governor of Massachusetts, and Eastwood was directing the film Mystic River (which was shite) in Boston.
Eastwood thought: "God, this guy, he's too handsome to be governor. But it does look like he could be president."


This will all make sense a year or two from now when Eastwood tells the world he has Alzheimers. 
Mitt Romney is soooo handsome he could be a special under wear model but would that make him a good president? 

You know the difference between movies and real life right Mr Eastwood? Remember after watching Air Force One you endorsed Harrison Ford?

Well Old Knudsen has to admit it but Obama just doesn't look like the white guy with perfect hair that has a melt down and threatens to nuke everyone like in the movies. Obama looks more like the guy robbing old ladies that Dirty Harry would shoot, yeah one of those people.

Eastwood played that grouchy old racist so well in Gran Torino much like how Alex Baldwin plays angry wankers ..... not much acting going on..... just sayin.

If Romney gets in ....... into the White house you can say goodbye to weemen's votes, weemen's rights etc Romney will be more of a puppet for the right than Bush. More of a numb-nut than Quayle.

People think its so bad under Obama and forget that it was Bush that ruined Clinton's good economy and got the US into two un-winnable wars. America needed the experience of Hilary but settled for the feel good vote of Obama.

Right now Obama is the lesser of the two evils and that is usually what the two horse race to the White house comes down to.    

I will get your vote young man!

Romney has just finished his 'Around the World in Weighty Gaffes' trip after insulting the British, because only liberal fruits like the UK right? he then set about increasing tensions in the middle east by sucking up to the Jews, "I love being in your capital city of Jerusalem" and ending in Poland where he praised Poland and denounced their old enemies, a common thread throughout his tour.

Mr Romney if the Polish economy is so good (even though they are 40 years behind the world in technology) why are all the Poles coming to the UK for werk? Oh thats right you don't have a clue its all about the votes back home.

Romney's press secretary Rick Gorka summed up the trip in three words aimed at the press while visiting the tomb of the unknown soldier in Poland, " Kiss my ass."