Monday, 27 August 2012

I don't Shag And Tell ... Sometimes

There were silly rumours about saying that Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins had an affair with football underwear model David Beckham.
Ms Jenkins was outraged by this as she only likes real men and so denied it on Twitter saying that she may have met Beckham on only 2 occasions at public events . 'I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham' she wrote while making a disgusted face at the thought of it.

A spokesman for David Beckham commented: 'Unfortunately, we have to deal with this type of nonsense on Twitter.' One minute David is dead... then a more scurrilous rumour. There is not one jot of truth to any of it.' 

The crazy Beckham fans have now been issuing death threats to Ms Jenkins and she has passed them on to the police.

A simple test on Mr Beckham to see if he has the Old Knudsen patented herpes simplex 10,000 virus (among many) and that should prove all as....

It has been Old Knudsen that has been riding the hole off Ms Jenkins but he is too much of a gentleman to say ....... which is why he hasn't posted the full above image. I am only cumming forward now to save her reputation as who would want to be connected to having sex with David Beckham especially with his wee squeaky and his cock dripping with posh spice.

 Not too many of us gentlemanly types around now.
A pout and stare that could wither the erection of Chuck Norris.   

We have been making beautiful music together including a rough duet over a wheelie bin and she has begged me to be her baby daddy but I couldn't do that to all the other weemen I tap as I have a wee thing called moral integrity.

Quit yer yapping people Katherine Jenkins has standards and wouldn't touch old blue steel Beckham's cock with welder gloves on.