Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I Am Insane And You Are My Insanity

Anders Behring Breivik the guy in Norway who murdered 77 people and wounding 240 has been found to be sane and so sentenced to 21 years.
That doesn't seem like a fair sentence but its the way they do it there and can top it up at a later date. 

I wonder what those idiots that go on about rehabilitation think about Breivik. Will he sit in prison and ponder his deeds and come out a better person? ........ who cares? the amount of lives that hes ruined Breivik doesn't deserve anything but torture.

The good news is that he wanted the death penalty rather than a long sentence which means his incarceration will be like torture for him, death being the easy way out. Unless he finds a way to end his life himself but Old Knudsen thinks that hes too much of a coward for that.

It doesn't take bravery to walk around shooting unarmed people begging for their lives, once you pop you can't stop but to do himself will take all the desperation he can muster.

Another person who would be declared sane is Hitler. Like Breivik he planned his rise to power blaming immigrants too. There is no evidence that Hitler personally hated Jews but he had no trouble in using them as a means to an end. Unlike Breivik Hitler had bravery and was awarded a medal for valour from his Jewish commanding officer in WW I.

In my opinion it makes it worse that these people are considered sane, sane is supposed to be what people want to be but look at the atrocities they can carry out.

I think that the definition of sanity 'Soundness of judgment or reason' doesn't apply in either of these cases.

Who is the sane one, the person that sits out watching for UFOs believing in government conspiracies or the person that plans and carries out the murder of 77 people?   Its one thing to think something and believe it but its another to act on it.

Old Knudsen believes that no one is sane but some people are shall we say more boring than others.