Thursday, 9 August 2012

Help Me To Hate You

Joan Rivers chained herself to a shopping cart at a Costco store in Burbank shouting from a bullhorn in  protest that her new book won't be sold there because it has swear words on the back cover.

The wholesale giant refused to sell her book, “I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me.”

"People should have the right to have the literature they want" said Rivers as she assumed that people wanted to read her book, she then added "This is the beginning of Nazi Germany."

Joan should know. In 1935 when she was a beautiful young comedian she wrote the book "Aryan from a bottle" which did not go doon too well in Nazi Germany and so all copies were burned. Rivers tried to save the books but her face started to melt with the heat of the flames. That was the end of her 8 year love affair with the Fuhrer, some claim it was her who poisoned his attitude towards Jews others say it was because he was a cunt.......... we'll never know.    

Rivers was moved from the Costco store by police as her face was scaring children.